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  • Expand job and career opportunities

  • Increase access to community

  • Amplify and disseminate resources, such as studio space, equipment and funding

  • Provide educational and in-demand skills training 



It's hard enough trying to chase your dreams, but it's even harder when you're trying to do it all on your own. The YCVC Collaboration Days are designed to bring together passionate and talented creative professionals of varying skill levels who want to collectively increase their experience, exposure, and connections. The goal is to create a thriving ecosystem where diverse individuals can produce content and ideas without the barriers of finances, lack of resources, or limited access.

Past Collab Days have resulted in several fashion shows, photoshoots, and video shoots across the Los Angeles and Santa Monica regions. Participants left with lifelong connections and experienced the benefits of long-term partnerships post-event.

Photo by Paul J. Mora


Our latest program, The YCVC Field Day, is designed to pamper the creative vessel from which all art is made. It's easy to forget to take good care of ourselves when we're focused on productivity. The YCVC Field Day is a program designed to connect creatives and the extended community in a fun and relaxing way. Participants can engage in solo and group games, network with community organizations at information booths, enjoy local food vendors, explore various activities, and spend quality time outdoors. By fostering a connection with nature, body, and community—a harmonious triad essential for longevity and success—The YCVC advances its mission of making the creator economy more equitable by preserving the wellness of the creators themselves and combating the loneliness epidemic prevalent in our country today.

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