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The Young Creators and Visionaries Collaborative (YCVC) is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our vision is to make the creator economy equitable by increasing access to resources and opportunities for African, Asian, Black, and Brown creatives. 

Kubrat Salaam,
Founder + President

Kubrat started The YCVC back in 2018 as a small community initiative through her online store, Kubitees. At the time the vision was to bring together a small ecosystem of different kinds of creatives who could mutually benefit each other in pursuit of a shared mission to succeed. After the first get together, the response was overwhelmingly positive and prompted Kubrat to look at The YCVC through a more serious lens. The initiative came back for another year with double the attendance. After the 2020 pandemic, The YCVC took a pause and transitioned from a community initiative into a formalized nonprofit with a grand vision to permanently change the creator economy for good.

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