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The Young Creators and Visionaries Collaborative (The YCVC) is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to amplify access to resources, community, and opportunities for African, Asian, Black, Brown, and Indigenous creatives. Our vision is to make the creator economy more equitable for all people, and we do this through ecosystem building, skill sharing, networking opportunities, and community development initiatives.

Our latest program, The YCVC Field Day, is designed to pamper the creative vessel from which all art is made. It's easy to forget to take good care of ourselves when we're focused on productivity. The YCVC Field Day is a program designed to connect creatives and the extended community in a fun and relaxing way. Participants can engage in solo and group games, network with community organizations at information booths, enjoy local food vendors, and spend quality time outdoors. By fostering a connection with nature, body, and community—a harmonious triad essential for longevity and success—The YCVC advances its mission of making the creator economy more equitable by preserving the wellness of the creators themselves and combating the loneliness epidemic prevalent in our country today.

To support our mission of making the creator economy more equitable, you can donate to our nonprofit right here.

Kubrat Salaam
Founder + President

Kubrat started The YCVC back in 2018 as a small community initiative through her online store, Kubitees. At the time the vision was to bring together a small ecosystem of different kinds of creatives who could mutually benefit each other in pursuit of a shared mission to succeed. After the first get together, the response was overwhelmingly positive and prompted Kubrat to look at The YCVC through a more serious lens. The initiative came back for another year with double the attendance. After the 2020 pandemic, The YCVC took a pause and transitioned from a community initiative into a formalized nonprofit with a grand vision to positively impact the creator economy.

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